by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

January 19, 2020

San Miguel

Villagers in San Miguel were outraged that Morova condemned their act of justice. In retaliation, villagers broke into a house home to a suspected atheist family. Without evidence, the family was crucified and burned alive with chants of "Death to Morova" and "Death to Atheists" being heard.


Senator Frederick Schuessler IV approved a plan to help rebuild the infrastructure of the department of Senvar after being ravaged by war for over 85 years.

La'Libertad del Sur

The DINA assassinated a suspected DLA terrorist planning a plot to car bomb the capitol building of the department.


The Creeperian Catholic Protection Army lead by JosÚ KonÚ Ochelo burned a Deltinian village and abducted all 32 inhabitants.

The Deltinian Liberation Army issues a plea to Morova, Greater Sacramento, and the Islamic Front to send weapons and humanitarian aid.

El Salvador

The radical protestors set fire to a CORNACA office in the city. The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation is outraged and calls for justice.


The Constitutional Republic of Zion - Deltino and San Miguel
Greater Sacramento - Deltino
Third dynasty of ur - all

Caezar and Third dynasty of ur