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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Creeperopolis wrote:January 19, 2020

José Koné Ochelo, leader of the death squad known as the Creeperian Catholic Protection Army, orders the execution of 30 captured DLA fighters.

Hasan el-Ahsan, leader of the DLA, asks Morova to continue to aid the efforts of the DLA against Creeperopolis, their common enemy.

The United Liberation Alliance of Deltino under Alawi el-Abdo kidnap and execute 23 fighters of the Deltinian Patriotic Alliance.

The Creeperian Armed Forces clash with a detachment of the death squad known as the Militarist Nationalist Army. Around 16 FAC and 19 ENAMI are dead.

The Revolutionary Militia for Creeperian Sovereignty burns a Deltinian village, kills 16 people, and kidnaps 4 children.

San Salvador

Alexander II finalizes the new districts for the newly created Council of Senators.

El Salvador

Senator Alexander Giammattei Falla declares a state of emergency in El Salvador and authorizes the Creeperian Armed Forces to put an end to the radical protests. The moderate protestors, appeased by the instatement of Giammattei Falla, support his motion.


The Creeperian Initiative arranged a rally in the Adolfosburg Stadium following a victory for the Águilas de Adolfosburg. The Initiative spoke its rhetoric on the greatness of Creeperopolis and condemned the Morovan government for supporting genocidal war criminals in Deltino.


10 atheists are executed for denouncing all religions as "false fantasies."

San Luís

Demonstrators march in the streets of San Luís calling to the Creeperian government to bring an end to the violence in Lyoa, Morova, and Creeperopolis. (ooc: aka commit war crimes to scare people or to kill the problem but this is ooc so u cant use this as evidence of creeperian war crimes cuz we dont commit war crimes ever never)


Mara Salvatrucha attacked a group of suspected FRENAMI soldiers, killing all 6 of them.

San Pedro

The Creeperian police and Mara Salvatrucha clash in the cities of Ciudad San Pedro. No one is killed but a convenient store was burned to the ground. The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation protests the burning as a large shipment of sugar was burned in the fire.

Santa Ana

Gustavo Duarte Carpio issues his declaration saying "No Deltinians will survive the FRENAMI attack."

San Romero

The seven men who attempted to steal sugar from the National Coffee and Sugar Company were found dead in their prison cells.

La'Libertad del Norte

A car bomb explodes outside a hospital, killing 34 people. The DLA denies responsibility claiming "If it were us, we would proudly embrace it." The DINA suspects the ULAD was responsible.


The DINA busts a drug smuggling operation. Ten were arrested an immediately executed. An estimated stash of $40 million colóns worth of cocaine. Its buyer is unknown.

San Miguel

Villagers in San Miguel torture, crucify, and burn an apostate alive who denounced his Catholic faith in favor of atheism.


The Constitutional Republic of Zion - Deltino and Adolfosburg and San Luís
Quebecshire - San Pedro and San Romero
Third dynasty of ur - everything
Greater Sacramento - El Salvador

Outrage over the killing of the athiest
Morovan protests have erupted at Creeperian positions in Morova, protesting the torture and death of the atheist in San Miguel. They demand that the Creeperian government leave their land, seek justice for the murder of the atheist, and that Morova allow foreign atheists seeking protection asylum.