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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

January 18, 2020
Gaceta Creeperiano
Dishna, Deltino, Creeperopolis

Villagers of Dishna, one of the largest villages in Deltino home to 1,293 inhabitants, saw an army of men dressed in all black approaching. They felt relieved to know the DLA had come to protect them from Creeperian aggression. However, as the soldiers neared, the villagers realized they weren't DLA, but a death squad, several death squads bearing a red, black, and blue banner. The death squads massacred all 1,202 adult inhabitants of Dishna, male and female. The remaining 91 children were abducted by the death squads. The death squads, which later proclaimed themselves to be the Creeperian Council for Order and Stability (CCOE), a coalition of ten Creeperian death squads, then burnt down the entire village of Dishna.

The leaders of the group, Generals Francisco Bajamande Rodríguez, Gustavo Duarte Carpio, José Koné Ochelo, and Raúl Lorenzana Méndez, declared their goal and the goal of the CCOE is to spread Creeperian Catholicism south and eradicate Deltinian Islam. The group claims to have 4,000 members.

OOC: yes this is the Creeperian Lord's Resistance Army

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