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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

January 17, 2020

Senvar, Senvek, Zapatista, Helam, Abdan, Jakiz

After hearing the news of the Puerto Francisco attack, villagers across the departments of Senvar, Senvek, Zapatista, Helam, Abdan, and Jakiz broke out in riots against the muslim populations of the area, burning several villages and killing hundreds. An estimated 200-300 were burned alive by angry Creeperian villagers. The Army failed to stop the village attacks.

El Salvador

Radical protestors killed a moderate protestor in the streets of Ciudad Los’Ángeles. The police responded by arresting 12 radicals and killing 2. Police forces call for an Army intervention.


Protest demonstrations erupt in Adolfosburg over the Terraconserva Cup’s decision to not have Creeperopolis host the game in Adolfosburg. The demonstrators accuse the Terraconservan Cup of corruption.


The Creeperian Army has taken a quarter of Ciudad Rey Alfonso I.

San Romero

The National Coffee and Sugar Corporation caught 7 men attempting to steal a large supply of sugar which was due to be delivered to Quebecshire. The 7 were arrested by the police.

San Pedro

The DINA busted a Mara Salvatrucha sex trafficking ring in Ciudad San Pedro. The 14 victims were rescued and the 5 Mara members were tortured by DINA agents and hanged.

San Salvador

Emperor Alexander II announced that “government changes” will be implemented soon.

Quebecshire Greater Sacramento Third dynasty of ur

Caezar, Third dynasty of ur, and Greater Sacramento