by Max Barry

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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

CÚrdoba International Airport

5 flights will be running from CÚrdoba to Kieva to evacuate Citizens. Greater Sacramento is threatening that if Morova causes harm to any plane, consequences will be given. The Sacramatian government is requesting to aid the airport with 8 Zedi warriors (lightsaber carrying soldiers).

Military Port of CÚrdoba

The Sacramatian "Islamic Republican Navy" will be sending 10 corvets, a heavy cruiser, an Air Craft Carrier (The El-Malika), 3 battle ships (The Al Qadayan, Al Balaq, and the Al Salakaq), 2 destroyers and 14 transports through the Sacramatian Blue Cross to evacuate people.

New Gandor
Third dynasty of ur
The Constitutional Republic of Zion