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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

January 15, 2020
Port Senvar, Senvar, Creeperopolis

The mayor of Port Senvar, Israel Encarnación Aguayo, was found dead in his home early this morning. His death was ruled to be a suicide by hanging.

Puerto Atlántida, Atlántida del Sur, Creeperopolis
A historic landmark was reached in Creeperopolis. After 86 years of war, both the Creeperian government and the Senvarian Liberation Front came to an agreement to finally bring an end to the Third Senvarian Insurgency, the last of the Creeperian Civil War Era wars.

Among the terms was that Frederick Schuessler IV would become Mayor of Port Senvar. With the convenient opening of the position, he assumed office at 9:00pm San Salvador time.

Frederick Schuessler IV can verify that there were no war crimes in Creeperopolis until the Deltinians began committing war crimes and that an international investigation is a waste of time and resources.

Sonsonate, Sonsonate, Creeperopolis
The Creeperian and Gandorian fleet plan to embark at 5pm San Salvador time while finishing final preparations.

Quebecshire The Constitutional Republic of Zion Malgax New Gandor Third dynasty of ur Greater Sacramento

Caezar, New Gandor, Third dynasty of ur, and Greater Sacramento