by Max Barry

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Region: The Milky Way Galaxy

Kotaris Atmosphere

“This is Survey Team 1, we are descending into the southwestern portion of the planet, so far so good.” Reported Yuli Omil Commander of ST1.
“Roger that ST1, once you hit he ground engage phase one settlement protocol once you land” Responded Commander Hitoma
“Yes Sir, we are approaching ground and have engaged thrusters to prep a landing.”

A few minutes later the Survey team’s shuttle landed and the crew began pitching shelters. They were hexegon shaped and made of a hardened fabric supported by metal poles. There were three shelters, one was a barracks, another was a laboratory/greenhouse, and the third was a communications center. This system was standard for scientific expeditions, however more equipment is provided based on environment.

“This is ST1 we’ve constructed our facilities and have begun building the solar array, walls, and comms dish.” Reported the ST1 Commander
“Roger, whats it like down there?”
“The air is breathable, and we have landed in a meadow with a thick forest to our west. Our pilot said their is a lake to the south.”
“Affirmative, when available send a team to do water samples.”
“Yes sir, we’ll have it done by the end of the day. Has ST3 landed?”
“Negative they are loading now ST2 on Drakon has reported a successful landing near a watering hole. Shelters are in place and they are conducting research currently.”