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New Gandor wrote:Fort Handel, New Gandorian Western Naval Yard

The New Gandorian portion of the blockade has begun to assemble. Currently ready to go are an aircraft carrier (NGS Zimana), a battleship (NGS Thompson), 4 corvettes, a heavy cruiser, a destroyer, and 10 transports (blue cross). Over the next couple days more ships will gather and within the next couple days. The Admiral of the fleet will be in contact with the other nations participating.

January 13, 2020

Under orders of Chief Admiral José Guerrero López, the Creeperian Navy has begun assembling the Creeperian portion of the Morovan blockade force.

The Creeperian Blockade consists of:

1 Aircraft Carrier - PAI Emperador Adolfo III
2 Battleships - AZI San Rafael and AZI San Ignacio
2 Heavy Cruisers - CPI Castilliano and CPI Santa Ana
4 Light Cruisers - CLI Apopa, CLI San Salvador del Oeste, CLI Suchitoto, and CLI Tasajeras
3 Destroyers - DTI Chalatenango, DTI Ciudad Rey Alfonso I, and DTI Denshire
1 Hospital Ship - BHI San Lucas (clearly marked in white paint with a green stripes and five large red crosses)

Embarking is planned for January 15, 2020.

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