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Region: The League of Conservative Nations


Security Council Resolution - Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova
Sponsored by the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis

To vote, quote this post and clearly state your vote (In Favor, In Opposition, Abstaining), and have it be followed by a statement on why your delegation has chosen to vote in that manner (it can be brief or extensive, but include a statement). Debate between delegations is welcomed. The vote will be opened until a majority is reached, or until a time of 24 hours has passed since its opening.

Given that this a Security Council Resolution, it requires a simple majority to pass (without counting abstentions), but can be vetoed by a member of the Big Three.

OOC: I know that y’all don’t want me to quote everybody but it makes sense to me considering I am the nation in question
The Gold Dragon - Southern Morovan Waters
Grand Admiral Karamazov sits silently as the bill is read to him. He waves his commanders into position.
Morovan Presidential Palace
The Premier and official leader of Morova, Premier Myshkin, taps his fingers as the resolution is read to him.
“Type this and publish it online.” Myshkin sighs “The People’s Republic of Morova is just that: A Republic for the people. Our nation has made tremendous strides since the devastating civil war caused by capitalist greed. Our nation ensures jobs for every citizen. Our railway projects have connected the nation together. Unlike other “first-world” nations, our people are free to speak their minds. They receive quality healthcare from the government. We allow private industry to succeed while we control major corporations to ensure fairness for all people. The accusations by the TCN that we have failed to care for our people are insulting and frankly false.”
The quote is published online on the Premiers website
The gold dragon
The de facto leader of Morova, Grand Admiral Karamazov, orders his submarines into strategic positions around major Morovan ports in Kieva. The submarines are ordered to remain in position. A message is sent from the gold dragon to the TCN.

Any attempt to harm Morovan ships, shipping, or trade will be dealt with with deadly force. The People’s Republic of Morova will leave the TCN if such actions are taken.
The Morovan delegate votes against the resolution.

Creeperopolis and Caezar