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Region: The League of Conservative Nations


Security Council Resolution - Condemnation of Creeperopolis
Sponsored by the Serene State of Quebecshire

To vote, quote this post and clearly state your vote (In Favor, In Opposition, Abstaining), and have it be followed by a statement on why your delegation has chosen to vote in that manner (it can be brief or extensive, but include a statement). Debate between delegations is welcomed. The vote will be opened until a majority is reached, or until a time of 24 hours has passed since its opening.

Given that this a Security Council Resolution, it requires a simple majority to pass (without counting abstentions), but can be vetoed by a member of the Big Three.

TCN Headquarters, Bostonia

The Serene State of Quebecshire votes in firm opposition to the aforementioned resolution, effectively vetoing it. The Ambassador of Quebecshire to the TCN has stated these are "baseless accusations from a state that can barely handle its own affairs, a state which has no business asserting any formal complaints or advice towards members of the international community for the foreseeable future."

Creeperopolis, Caezar, and Third dynasty of ur