by Max Barry

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Region: The Milky Way Galaxy


Terresan Chamber of Legislation, Armonia Silta

Miko Hitoma Commander of the Kotaris and Drakon expedition entered the tucked away hall, pushing open the great wooden door. Inside the room was a great wooden table which consumed most of the space, around the table were 12 seats of which eight were occupied. Miko took a seat
“You’re late, Hitoma” scolded Tylis Holsey
“Sorry sir, I was with my family.” He explained
“Fair enough, we are still waiting for the Navy anyhow.”

Hitoma pulled out a cyberdisk from his shirt pocket and handed it off
“Here is our planned routes, and cargo manifests as requested.” He reported
Right then the door opened as three naval officers entered, Minor Admiral Oscric Itcan, Commander Tillis Osric, and a Minor Lieutenant entered filling up the remaing empty seats.

“Alright we’ll get started, Hitoma want to explain your plan?” Holsey suggested
“We have four Survey teams of 36 members and eight crew members for our main ship ready to depart in the next eight hours.”
A holoscreen became active and showed images of the two planets and the ship.
“As soon as we enter the system each survey team will board their own ship loaded with necessary supplies. Two ships per planet, one will survey and land on a western portion of the planets while the other will land in the eastern portion of the planets.” He informed

The visual changed to show a depiction of the landings.

“About how long will the teams last without resupply?” Questioned Commander Osric
“Each team will have necessary supplies for a month without resupply. For which our main ship will be able to provide orbital supply drops.”
“And when the ship begins running low is when the navy comes in correct?” Assumed Admiral Itcan
“Correct Admiral, about every four months a ship will be needed to provide resupply.” Miko answered
“Other then that Admiral, the Federal Nav can not be directly involved with planetary efforts. Public would go insane if they heard we were using our soldiers on a foreign world” informed Holsey.
“Fair enough, however we would request Minor Lieutenant Jon Tulso be included on the main ship’s crew as a military liaison.”
Holsey and Hitoma glanced at eachother before Holsey shrugged
“Yeah we’ll make room, we’ll be departing in the next eight hours and are expected to arrive sometime tomorrow afternoon. We have plenty of communications equipment and will keep you informed” Hitoma concluded
“Why such a long travel time?” Questioned Osric
“We’re going to minimize slipdrive use to preserve fuel.” Responded Hitoma
“Glad to hear it, this meeting has now concluded.” Holsey declared.

With that all members then exited the room, Hitoma and Tulso boarding a vehicle to a Naval Port where the Calsey exploratory vessel was docked.