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Region: The League of Conservative Nations


Security Council Resolution - Condemnation of Creeperopolis
Sponsored by the Serene State of Quebecshire

To vote, quote this post and clearly state your vote (In Favor, In Opposition, Abstaining), and have it be followed by a statement on why your delegation has chosen to vote in that manner (it can be brief or extensive, but include a statement). Debate between delegations is welcomed. The vote will be opened until a majority is reached, or until a time of 24 hours has passed since its opening.

Given that this a Security Council Resolution, it requires a simple majority to pass (without counting abstentions), but can be vetoed by a member of the Big Three.

Creeperopolis did nothing wrong

The Creeperian delegation votes AGAINST this weak resolution.

1.) The Creeperian government is not "eradicating" any group of people within the nation, as can be supported by SKBF, FMLN, and FRENAMI testimony, all former enemies of the Empire.

2.) Our nation is not a dictatorship. It is a monarchy, which the people greatly support and approve of.

3.) Minorities in Creeperopolis do not "lack" human rights. Denying anyone of their human rights violates the very foundation of our Empire which is based on our national religion. Such a thing would be greatly condemned in Creeperopolis.

4.) Creeperopolis is not committing "immoral actions" and there is no proof of such actions. The only "immoral actions" in Creeperopolis are those being committed by the DLA and the DPDM, which the very nation wishing to condemn us, Morova, stating they wish to help these organizations in tern supporting these immoral actions.

Again, we vote AGAINST this resolution and we hope our fellow TCN delegations vote the same.

Caezar, Quebecshire, and Third dynasty of ur