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Region: Selene

It is the dawn of a new decade and that only means that the election is drawing closer. In March, Sector One will be voting. That is at least 5.3 Billion registered voters will make their choice. March 3rd voting will take place in San Juarez, New East, New East Coast, Eastern FE State, and Middle Franconia. March 5th voting will take place in Southeastern Franconian State, the Southern City-States, and all of Western FE (not including Vexto or Lopex City-States). March 7th is that last day of voting on Earth and Will include Vexto Coty and Lopex City. That is 2 billion voters alone. Phase one will end on March 11th and Phase Two will begin on March 15th. Votes should be done being counted on March 14 at 3:30pm SJ time. Happy voting and Phase Two plans will be announced in February.