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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

December 21, 2019

Janinub Sea
The Creeperian Navy has intercepted another Free Lyoan Army ship disguised as a civilian schooner smuggling weapons from Creeperopolis to Lyoa. The 13 smugglers were arrested by the navy and the weapons were seized. The DINA believes that the company known as BioWorkes could be the participant responsible for the initial smuggling from Mara Salvatrucha to the Free Lyoan Army. (Third dynasty of ur, Greater Sacramento)

The FMLN and the Creeperian Army engage in a skirmish in FMLN controlled territory. The skirmish was indecisive and around 20 died in total.

South of Port Senvar
The Creeperian Navy landed reinforcements in Port Senvar to support the 8,000 troops currently stationed there and evacuated hundreds of injured soldiers and dozens of POW's. Meanwhile, Creeperian artillery continues to bombard Port Senvar.

The SLF reconnected an exclave which was cut off by the Creeperians in October 2019.

Tuxtla Martínez International Airport
Creeperian Airlines Flight 2387 crashed just after takeoff one mile from the airport. Eyewitnesses report seeing an object rising up to the Maroto Botín MB-8-70 before the plane exploded and crashed, killing 104 people. The DINA has taken over investigations as it is believed to be a terrorist shoot down, likely Mara Salvatrucha, as they have a heavy presence in the area and receive weapons from the SLF and FMLN.

North Senvar
A Creeperian Air Force helicopter found a village was burnt to the ground with all its inhabitants, around 30, killed. the perpetrators are likely believed to be FRENAMI as they control the area around the village.

Lake Castilliano
A car bomb, believed to be planted by FRENAMI, exploded in a town on the shores of Lake Castilliano. No one was killed but the surrounding buildings were destroyed.

San Romero
CORNACA announces it has reached 223.2 billion colóns in revenue, a record for the corporation. It discloses most of its sales were sugar to Quebecshire for a 27th year in a row accounting for 46% of its income.

The Santos de San Salvador and the Águilas de Adolfosburg play tomorrow in Emperador Adolfo III Stadium. The game between the two major rivals is considered a coin toss. High attendance is expected. The two teams have been rivals since the ANF was established in 1904, and each have played each other in the Creeperian Cup several times, even playing each other the previous three Creeperian Cups, with the Santos winning two (2018, 2019) with the Águilas winning one (2017).

San Salvador
The Maroto Botín MB-13-10 flies for the first time from Emperor St. Romero I Adolfo Martínez Galdámez International Airport. It preforms well and Creeperian Airlines reaffirms its order of 120 MB-13-10's.

The Mayor of Chalatenango, Ramón Nores Murillo, was assassinated by a sniper while he was exiting his limousine just outside of the city's capitol. The Creeperian Army in the area was stationed in the city to scout for any persons of suspicion. The DINA has opened an official investigation into the assassination. The FMLN is the suspected perpetrator.

Caezar and Third dynasty of ur