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Region: The Leftist Assembly


Which General Assembly candidate(s) do you intend to vote for in the December 2019 general election?

Kavagrad: 74%
Nottinhaps: 57%
Podria: 52%
Wascoitan: 52%
The Final Horseman: 43%
Libertasnia: 39%
Kongoland: 35%
Lyconix: 17%
Talao: 13%
None: 9%

The sample size was 23. The margin of error was 19.5%.

Low sample size was likely due to the slightly more complicated question that gave a flexible number of options for respondents to select from. The results do, however, show that Lyconix and Talao are significantly lagging behind the rest of the field, with both combined not totalling the next highest ranked candidate in Kongoland. Meanwhile, on the other end, former Secretary and current Speaker Kavagrad is cruising well ahead of second-place by 17%, with all 5 current MGAs that are running again for their seats looking like they will hold their positions.

Nottinhaps, Libertasnia, Dekks, Grod Island, and 7 othersArgentigrad, Podria, Greylyn, Fevhader, Wascoitan, Kongoland, and Cuba-venezuela