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Region: The Leftist Assembly

FRS Secretary Election Poll Results

Feral Rat Stats have just completed a poll for the Secretary race in the December 2019 Elections, and these are the results.

QUESTION: Which of the candidates for Secretary do you intend to vote for in the upcoming General Election?

Llorens: 47%
Greylyn: 21%

Unsure/Don't Know: 24%
Neither/Not Voting: 9%


1) The sample size was 34 nations, and the Margin of Error is 15.66%.

2) We didn't have to send out as many clarification TGs as last time. Either we worded this question better, or Assemblians are learning to read. Either way, it's good news.

Nottinhaps, Llorens, South Miruva, Argentigrad, and 6 othersFevhader, Wascoitan, Litauengrad, Cuba-venezuela, Dongrovia, and Dyl