by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

BREAKING: Scandal rocks the FE early this morning as VL Molop Chrp't "These foreigners are trying to live ff of us. Empress Xemptoworth and the predecessor Emperor Lars should have never let these people in."

Empress Xemptoworth chimes in and said "VL Molop is now on the way out. My administration is all about love and peace, equality, and focus in the nation as a whole. Molop will be impeached on Thursday for breaking international law that we have made with other countries carefully to make sure that we would not break their morals and values."

As you can tell, this is making Xemptoworth look good in the polls. Amazonia is backing Xemptoworth on her efforts to protect the FE and the Conservative candidate, Jim Fontain, is backing Molop. This is a dangerous time we live in.