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Wolfkaria wrote:How do you add pictures to a factbook

look at this.

Ok. So you found a perfect photo that you want in your Factbook, but you don't know how to do it. This Guide will help you add that picture. A Special Thanks to Great empireonius for suggesting this guide.

Step 1-Finding your picture
This is the easiest part. Before you put that wonderful picture in your Factbook, you have to find your picture. Lets say for instance, that the picture you want is a Christmas Tree.
First, go on your search engine and type in Christmas Tree.
Find the picture you like.
Put the mouse over it, right click, and select Save Image As.
Then save it on your computer. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE IT A NAME SO YOU CAN FIND IT.

Step 2-Finding a place to upload your picture
This can be a challenge. I typically use Tinypic, with this link:
LinkImage Uploading Site

Step 3-Uploading your picture
Now that you are on Tinypic, open up your Nationstates account and open up the factbook you want to place your photo in.
Click back on to Tinypic and click browse.
Select your photo.
Then click on upload now.
This next part is a little tricky, which is why it needs its own step.

Step 4-Putting your Picture into a Factbook
At this point, you have 2 options. The first is IMG, and the second is URL.
IMG is the one you may generally want, but depending on the size of your picture, you may have to select the URL. IMG usually works in Factbooks, while URL is recommended for RP's. Simply take the link you want and copy and paste it.

Here is the Christmas Tree in IMG:

Here it is in URL:

Like I said, IMG works for Factbooks. If you want them for RP's, use URL's. It is the same process for RP's.

That should do it! Happy uploading!



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