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Region: The Leftist Assembly

FRS Preliminary Election Poll Results

Feral Rat Stats have just completed our first poll for the December 2019 Elections, and these are the results.

QUESTION: Which of the following potential candidates would you be most likely to support for Secretary of The Leftist Assembly?

Llorens: 42%
Argentigrad: 26%
Greylyn: 16%
The Final Horseman: 6%
Morvan: 6%
Nottinhaps: 3%
Dawtania: 0%
Grod Island: 0%


1) The sample size was 31 nations, and the Margin of Error was 16.43%.

2) The 8 nations in this poll were selected because they had all served in a governmental role in both of the last 2 terms. Speaker Kavagrad was eligible but was not included as he has publicly confirmed that he will not be running for Secretary.

3) We did not include an "Other" option in this poll. Though no respondents took issue with this, we saw this to be a flaw and will include this option in future polls that involve speculation regarding candidates.

Nottinhaps, Llorens, Libertasnia, Grod Island, and 6 othersArgentigrad, Podria, Greylyn, Fevhader, Upper bow moutuda, and Dyl