by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Breaking:Empress Xemptoworth is starting to appear nervous as Jim Fontain continues to lead. Let’s listen in to a Xemptoworth rally happening right now in Cobalt City...

Xemptoworth: The recent political climate has been starting to worry me about what path the FE is wanting to take. Do we want a nation filled with militia on the streets instead of police?! Do we want a future where our kids cannot get a decent night’s sleep because there is some crime happening somewhere? No! Do we want another Greene in the Emperial Palace?! No! No we don’t! Our rights are almost on the brink of going out of style. We are not Laissez-faire! We are not war-mongers! We are a peaceful nation who wants what is right for the world. There are 3 million of you out here today! Raise your voice. Make it heard! “Franconia for All”!

Newscaster: We will return in a moment.