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Region: The Leftist Assembly

As per request of Comrade Kava, the Supreme Court has come to a majority opinion on what legal distinction exists between Senators and MGAs.
While the role and function performed by the now defunct position of Senator and the position of Members of the General Assembly (MGAs) is mostly the same, there are small variations in the role that enables them to be considered legally distinct for the purposes of their duties as members of government. The MGAs are the only ones capable of electing a Speaker, or capable of holding the position of Speaker in any way, which gives them enough variation on the role of Senators to render them distinct from a legal standpoint.

This opinion came out 2-0 with Myself and Justice Grod being in favour. Justice Morvan has not yet ventured an opinion, though may still do so and I will update the records accordingly.

Llorens, Kavagrad, Greylyn, and Fevhader