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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

TCN Headquarters, Bostonia

The Quebecshirite Delegation has chosen to use it's veto authority In Opposition to the current Security Council Resolution. Below is a statement by our formal representative to the organization.

    The Government of Quebecshire understands there is a problem with development and progression in Creeperopolis. We feel this resolution does not operate with the best of intents, and remind this body that a lot of those issues stem from gang violence - things this resolution does not even address in the slightest. Quebecshire, as stated by our Grandmaster in a prior press conference, is committed to helping aid Creeperans and solving these issues, but we do not feel this resolution accomplishes that in an effective manner, and would only serve to create further tension in the region. We understand and have addressed the concerns of Malgax, but feel striking down this resolution is in the benefit of both the international community and the victims of violence or other struggles in Creeperopolis. This resolution lacks proposed solutions, it lacks clear definitions of its suggested sanctions, and it lacks an acknowledgement of complexity of the issues. There is absolutely no just cause in putting even more innocent Creeperans at risk of starvation and poverty because of deaths caused by the terroristic organizations operating in southern Creeperopolis, namely in Senvar and Senvek. We are committed to aiding Creeperopolis in a rational way and are open to more well-reasoned suggestions and proposals, however. If Malgax is genuinely committed to this progress, we hope it can take this more reasoned approach with those also willing.

    Regardless, it is already apparent that various members of the international community see the brazen failings and fallacies of this resolution. Thank you for your time.

OOC: Even though it is vetoed, other delegations are still expected to vote and give statements for the record.

Creeperopolis, Caezar, and Eminople