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Region: Esportiva

Dreamplanet wrote:Would we even stand a chance?

The International Geese Brigades not only got 3rd place overall, but also managed to never have a nuke successfully exploded on any of their nations. In fact, this even received a special mention from Max Barry himself.

However, this gargantuan effort, started by our friends over in Rushmore, required meticulous round-the-clock monitoring and lots of caffeine and clicking. You could try, but I wouldn't count on that high of a standard to be met. I don't mean to disappoint, but we were pretty ridiculous. Because I was in college at the time, I wound up staying up until 2 AM to monitor the Augustin Alliance's Discord.

(However, we managed to also beat out the faction whose name we were parodying...)

Lt. Gen. Damukuni 🟉🟉🟉
Chief of Staff of Security/Intelligence
International Geese Brigades, 2017

Dreamplanet and Ethane