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The Gjorkan reporter who was arrested last night was deported to Gjorka after undergoing punishments.

Spode Humbled Minions wrote:Investment in Creeperopolis
BioWorkes has announced plans to create a two manufacture plant complex in Creeperopolis- Due to the local crime, the complex will house its own air transport, barracks for local workers, and proper sleeping quarters for BDS forces securing the facility. The primary good for the factories will be luxury cars that make use of the faint rare mineral traces found in slurry from excavation in the mountains of Quebecshire.

The Creeperian government would we willing to work with BioWorkes to manufacture luxury cars in Creeperopolis. We propose that the complex should be built just outside Tuxtla Martínez, Zapatista. We can provide a 300 acre plot of flat land with minimal tree growth. Labor to build the complex will be provided by the Creeperian government.

Tuxtla Martínez Airport should have sufficient space to transport the cars on small cargo planes to San Salvador International Airport to be loaded onto larger planes or to the ports in Salvador and Adolfosburg to be loaded onto cargo ships.

Barracks can be built a mile from the site for workers and workers only. An office building and an apartment complex will be provided for managers and managers only a mile from the site.

We will however not allow the BDS or any security forces of non-Creeperian origin in the country. The Creeperian Army will be used as security for the complex to protect the workers and managers of BioWorkes.

Creeperopolis will provide the workforce. Import of materials will be conducted by Creeperian Airlines Cargo, and Creeperian Airlines Cargo only.

Reminder that at any point Creeperopolis can use any measures necessary to remove Bio Workes' employees from the country for any reason on decree of the Emperor, Minister of Defense, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Labor, or the Council of Mayors. Anyone who breaks Creeperian laws or violates the Constitution will be prosecuted at the full extent of the law.

All employees and staff of BioWokes will be thoroughly searched and patted down before entering or leaving the complex by the Creeperian Army guards.