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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:The Grandmaster interjects.

Grandmaster: Apologies., your Highness... Nonetheless, you sir, please listen to what his Highness said. He is concerned with Creeperians, he is the Emperor of Creeperopolis and Creeperans. We are here for diplomacy, not your poor attempts to misrepresent our words. Thank you.

A news Network called Alyibuhu Live responds with this

"But isn't Atheist content banned in Creeperopolis meaning Atheism has no chance of spreading in Creeperopolis? Also what made your nation so eager to have realtions with a nation that violates human rights, is very corrupt, and disregards it's people in an authoritarian way? "

Creeperopolis and Caezar