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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Gjorka wrote:Xavian News: Are Quebecshirite people okay with the rampant corruption going in the Creeperopolis Government? Their suppression of differing ideas? The fact they are a absolute monarchy, and are defying the democratic principles the republicans fought for?! The fact they have a secret police system that is known? For gods sake what is wrong with you? What kind of idiot is establishing relations with this monarchist hellhole?!!!

(I stopped here cause I imagine at this point Guards would’ve taken this man away. Can confirm Creeperopolis?)

The Grandmaster pauses for a moment... In his near-elderly, calming voice, he speaks.

Grandmaster: "To act as if any government is devoid of corruption, or that it in any country is not an issue that is a work in progress, is a misrepresentation. Who is Quebecshire and the Quebecshirites to impose any unwelcome will on the Creeperian government and people..?

Their Monarchy is irrelevant to your allegations. Need I remind you, this meeting is diplomacy. Compromise. The Republicans fought for some time, yes, but as the Monarchists did, thew say the more proper way of diplomacy and cooperation. Arsène Champlain, the most prominent of them, died peacefully, sitting in office alongside former monarchists in a unified state. Your polarizing view is not only ignorant, but is an enemy of the people and their well-being. Your insults to myself and the nation of Creeperopolis and inconsequential. As previously discussed today, they struggle with gang violence in the south. We will impose no negative judgement for their handling of these issues in the southern region, as they do not judge the differences Quebecshirites have to them. Young man, I implore you to reconsider the difference between journalist and propagandist, and consider if you're in the right profession."