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Region: The League of Conservative Nations

Quebecshire wrote:Grandmaster:

    I addition to diplomacy, the Quebecshirite leadership wished to give the Emperor some gifts in his time of recovery. In terms of relations, we think open dialogue is the best way to continue working. Quebecshire and Creeperopolis have very different domestic politics, but we can find many common goals on the international stage. In terms of gang violence, we respectfully believe that there is a lot of progress to be made, and we hope we can help Creeperopolis in fixing these issues in any ways we can.

    For those who do not know, a lightsaber is a famous weapon and culture symbol in Quebecshire. Made from special, natural crystals, they produce a powerful blade of energy. The hilt, being its handle, was made specifically for the Emperor and features fine metals, as well as Creeperian symbols. Mine for example, is violet. His will produce a golden blade.

Xavian News: Are Quebecshirite people okay with the rampant corruption going in the Creeperopolis Government? Their suppression of differing ideas? The fact they are a absolute monarchy, and are defying the democratic principles the republicans fought for?! The fact they have a secret police system that is known? For gods sake what is wrong with you? What kind of idiot is establishing relations with this monarchist hellhole?!!!

(I stopped here cause I imagine at this point Guards would’ve taken this man away. Can confirm Creeperopolis?)