by Max Barry

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Region: The North Pacific

Necerierra in one side of the field, Lapathiyan team, wearing dark red uniforms on the other, eyes are ready, hand are steady, bodies are sweaty...


The match is underway! The Necerierran quickly get the ball from Lapathiyan team, attempting to play a possession game against the red team. At first, Necerierran team tried to bait Lapathiyan over by playing high balls but only between the Necerierran and not even attempted to attack the opponent at all! 10 minutes, 20, 30, almost half time, and not one attack is launched against each other. This match quite possibly becoming one of the most boring finals of all time, the crowd booed while trashes were being thrown into the field, disturbing the match. The Lapathiyan was seen frustrated as Necerierran seemingly did not take the match seriously and just goofing around. Halftime is reached with the result 0-0.

The second round is underway, Lapathiyan suddenly attacked the Necerierran team immediately! They were short passing each other in lubricious speed, almost scoring against Akagi, the Necerierran goalkeeper. "For a defensive team they sure have enough teamwork to coordinate a nice offence " thought Akagi. But with the defence of Lapathiya finally opened, Necerierra organized their offence with Seraphina Hildebrandt as the head spear of the attack! Through sheer headstrong, bravado, and dirty tricks, Necerierra managed to score 2 Goals in the span of 10 minutes. With their plan succeeded, 'The Ball Busters' go back on defending the sa-, I mean defending the goal, , formation is 10-0-0. Until the minute of 90, Lapathiya didn't manage to score an attack. Feeling pity, Necerierran let them score a goal on extra time so they are not going home ashamed...

...Nec...Necerierra...The Ball Busters...HAS WIN THE FIDAC WORLD CUP

The whole team celebrated, The Stadium cheered, The Whole World exploded, as the literal worst team in FIDAC managed to get the gold in the competition. A Team of bumbling nobodies, NekoHubbers, and Teachers, won against professionals footballer and supreme athletes, showing that even the worst of all Necerierran is still better than the whole StrangeReal...

As the team celebrated though, Akagi right on top of other ball-busters. The Neko Goalkeeper...sensing something from the background, behind all the celebrations... A dark...misty...clouds Akagi is concerned, yet nobody seemed to care of the dark mist. Covering from the grass, the field, the stadium and then finally the entire world...Akagi doesn't see anything.

"Help? Anyone there?".......
No one answered.

After what it feels like to be an eternity...She wakes up,
"Wha...What happened, Where is the mist...The black clouding space?" asks Akagi to her surroundings.
"What mist Akagi? Nothing happened here..." said...something. This...something is...incomprehensible, like she can't make any sense of it. "Akagi...You are now my playthings...Necerierra has won the gold, It shouldn't be happening! It is soooooo unrealistic for a team like you to beat those excellent teams out there in StrangeReal!" The thing laughed...

"For your sins...You will be playing against a team...A team you never know where they come from...A nation of another dimension...You have to assemble your team again, but nobody knows you...And if you lose the game..."

You will yeeted of existence

Alunya and Warsaw-Halicz