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Region: Hoshizora

Honour Guard wrote:Seeing him collapse after all of his bravado, though even she was alittle surprised after he whammed his face off of the table and then hit the floor soon after after drinking from a barrel to try and stay in the game. After he was out on the floor, Jelica wandered to his body and knelt down beside it, looking down at him before laying him on his side, no need for him to suffocate on any vomit now after drinking enough t kill a normal person's kidney and their donors too. "Looks like you lost little buddy." She says softly with a rather pleasant smile on her face as she ran her fingers slowly through his hair. "If I remember correctly... The loser has to do whatever the winner says."

Cao was wondering if he should still be here right now, though the Android bartender had already done a runner after Yohann kept stealing more barrels. "So uh... I think you should let him rest before anything else. We have a long way to go yet." Jelica looks up to Cao for a moment and then back at the unconscious Yohann "Yeaaah fine. Get him to sleep somewhere then. He still owes me though." She says standing back up and reverting to her human form as she goes off somewhere. Cao now started to help Yohann up and got him to a room for him to rest and sober up in.

He would be snoring lightly as he is being held up by General Cao. His rather cute sleeping face would be undisturbed for a couple of hours. The stench of strong alcohol follows him for a few hours till it dissipates and saturates the entire ship before somehow disappearing out of nowhere. Seemingly he is unscathed from all that drinking besides that bruise on his forehead after falling face first to the table then ground. Even if he tries to move, he is limp and beyond repair and has to stay bedridden for a couple of days after that much alcohol, but not for him since he used some sort of ability to prevent himself from drinking that much alcohol.

He would wake up the next day with severe migraine and a severe hungover. His eyes dilate and would stabilize after seeing the first light trying to see whats happening around him.