by Max Barry

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Region: The East Pacific

Kaiserliche Nachrichten

After a diplomatic meeting with a representative of The Death Syndicate, which Chancellor Raus described as “productive and successful,” the Chancellor has now proposed a new bill to the Senate that he has been writing the last few days with a group of Bipartisan MPs, called the Civilian Ration Reform Act. The Act would create a new administration for rationing, the Büro für zivile Rationierung. With the new administration comes many reforms to the system as a whole. The system would no longer be officiated by government officers, allowing private companies to handle it themselves, with Federal Oversight. The Government would instead handle price controls on certain foods and fuel, and many of the formerly controlled foods would be dropped. The bill also allows Chancellor Raus his price controls for pharmaceutical drugs, including it in the BZR’s Powers. The extensive bill would be a major victory for Raus’s new and albeit inexperienced administration, although the Bipartisan feeling towards ration reform let’s off that the bill is guaranteed to pass.