by Max Barry

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Region: Northern Utopia

Mayor Fitzgerald Grant has officially won the Conservative partie's nomination for President. Grant fought very hard in his campaign, especially towards the end as Mayor Conway seemed to close the gap, however the 45 year old candidate never gave up. Grant is known as a fighter pilot and his ability to bring the conservative party to the middle. He has consistently blamed the President for his ability to lead the war in Soust Calica, and criticized his handling of education and the economy. Grant will accept the nomination at the ACP Convention next week in Leavenworth.

Support for the President and the war in Soust Calica has dropped steadily over the last few days, especially at the news that the reform party lost the election. At the start of the war, nearly a year ago, support was 68%, but after the election, it has dropped to 36% while the President's approval ratings dropped from 50% to 45% of registered voters. Handling of the economy and faith in the President's ability has also dropped a considerable amount. This all has to come as very bad news for the Walker campaign as the general election cycle has officially started.