by Max Barry

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Region: Northern Utopia

The defenders of Taijing pushed the facist, and if they made it to the outward wall to escape, they was met by Beta and Epsilon Squad, all positioned on the walls, while Puma's blocked the entrance. They was ordered to surrender, does who did not charged forward but was cut down by bullets and explosives.

In Feng Dynasty Territory, Near Taijing

The rest of USNE forces has reached the Feng Dynasty, the large force entered the city to help finish the battle, meanwhile a outpost was quickly set up for the assigned commander of USNE forces there, so they can help coordinate the last battles against the Facist and end the threat once and for all.

In Feng Dynasty Territory, Location Unknown

The 1st Battilon has been going from town to city, either finding and taking out facist forces, or where liberating cities from facist control. All of this in search of the Facist HQ

In Other News!

Recently, multiple groups has entered the political scale, known as the Anti Facist Party (AFP), Facist Clan, and the return pf the Imperialist Initiative. There was an uproar for the Imperialist and Facist imprisonment, but doing so will hare their political freedoms and Civil Rights. For now they are allowed to peacefully protest and try to run for councilship, but the police are keeping a close eye on them.