by Max Barry

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Region: Northern Utopia

It was clear to anyone watching that the tides of the Battle for Taijing had turned. Where the fascists had once been slowly and painstakingly pushing the defenders back, now they themselves were crawling in retreat. When news of fascist defeats elsewhere reached the battle, the defenders went on the offensive with renewed vigor.

The Feng dynasty's Imperial soldiers.
North Electrica's Stormtroopers and Juggernauts.
Of denmarkia's mechanized and motorized advance.
Peyterkia's "peacekeepers" and jet fighters.

They all pushed forth at once and spilled from their battlements into the fascist lines, crashing into them like a raging river.
As the fascists fled and their officers fell, they realized something. This was no longer a retreat or a tactical withdrawal. This was a full-on rout.

For Peyterkia, however, the battle was over. They had been sent here as peacekeepers after all. They may have acted as soldiers, but if the fascists had made it to the civilians inside, it would have been a massacre of unprecedented proportions, something they couldn't let happen. Now that the fascists had no hope of breaching the city anytime soon, their job was done. For now at least. They were not equipped to go on the offensive, nor were many of them trained for it. As their allies advanced into the distance, they collapsed in the streets, exhausted from constant and ferocious fighting.
The soon-to-be-promoted Sergeant Borislavov leaned up against a wall and dropped his rifle.
"Command" he radioed, "this is Sergeant Borislavov. The enemy is in full retreat and my men are exhausted."
"Roger that Sergeant." A voice replied, "Collect casualties and get set for evac. Command out."

As the first wave of transport helicopters landed to evacuate the wounded and weary, they also released something new. Passing the not-so-green-anymore peacekeepers was the Offensive Expeditionary Division. The only ground infantry unit built for offensive warfare. They were but the appetizer, and soon heavier helicopters would arrive carrying heavier loads, such as light armor and vehicles.

Feng dynasty, AusValia, Of denmarkia, and Sierlatala