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Region: Northern Utopia

Soust Calica wrote:Reform in Soust Calica still seems like a pipe dream as Gilead has become the nations newest leader. Gilead promised to keep the name Supreme Leader and has promised to evolve the country into a superpower that cannot be bullied by the nations of the NU.

Militia Leader Naballa is asking for asylum in AusValia as he fears the government could kill him.

Corlenian response
"So..." said Minister of Foreign Affairs Milo Marcus over the phone...
"I cannot believe this! How dare that pathetic, mental, PIECE OF SH-" started MoD Jeffery Callahan, before Milo hangs up.
Noone really understands the hard work that comes of being Corlenia's MoFA. Every time the world seems to crumble around you, you need to suck it up, and take action.
Although this would be normal of Soust Calica due to it's imperialistic nature, this is where Corlenian involvement in Foreign affairs became serious, as they joined in on the war.
God, this was so much harder without Kaiser Omega's tender smile around, without him checking up on you every few minutes, genuinely worried about what you were going through. These were the actions he partook in with all his ministers, and that's how he's one of our most loved leaders in history.
Milo felt just inches away from hitting the flask, as the nation he was put in charge of after Kaiser Omega's "brief" trip to Kudia finds itself in another predicament, and the only thing his fellow ministers are saying is to burn down SC forces, leaving no survivors. He needed to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to keep the peace, and show Corlenia isn't messing around anymore.
There is only one thing he can do... prepare for war.
"Admiral... Janice is it? Of the third surface fleet?" Said Milo, speaking to forces in the seas of SC.
"Yes?" replied a feminine voice over the phone.
"Put all your pilots on standby, and turn your guns to face the mainland. Under NO circumstances, aside from a deceleration of war, are you to fire. Do you understand?" Milo said in a threatening tone.
"Y-Yes. All guns to port! Direct order from the ministers!" Janice ordered to her crew aboard the battleship CNDF Nirvannah.
Mechanical whirring could be heard over the phone as the turrets pointed broadside, and pitched upwards.
"I hope you know what you're doing Milo..." Responded Janice before hanging up.