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Region: The Federation of Anarchist Communes

The original Federation of Anarchist Communes was founded 4 years and 64 days ago today. At its best, the FAC was a joyful and fiery coming together of diverse ideas and characters, untainted by dull officialdom or diplomatic controversy. At its worst the FAC could become just another dry and stale political outfit. But its been an enjoyable and enlightening journey.

Much of the community has passed on, and these days the FAC is gathering dust, a curiosity of times past. Everything has a lifetime, and now we are at an end.

The Federation of Anarchist Communes is now closed. I will be putting a password lock on the region, but I won't be ejecting anyone for the time being.

Residents here may remain for now, or might find another region to begin anew. Places such as Anarchy, The Internationale, The Communist Bloc, and others would welcome anyone here, I'm sure.

Otherwise, I invite everyone to join me on a new adventure over in the Libertarian Socialist Confederation, freshly created and open to all.

Forever in solidarity,

Stroznia, Libertarian Australia, and Insert clever anime reference