by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

BREAKING: Hello, and this is FENN Breaking News. Nine million residents without gas, power, and water after a water main ruptured from a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was Yankton Square in the Southeastern region of Vexto Coty. Already 7 severely hurt, but luckily there is nobody dead. We were getting chrps that the air was unusually calm with no birds chirping before the earthquake. Foreshocks reigned this morning with the strongest one being a 4.9 at 7 am rocking the people of the quiet suburb awake. Downtown Yankton Square was severely damaged because of the old infrastructure and architecture making the little town have some charm. Yankton Square Mayor Joseph Maskovitch says it was a shock. Again, nine million people affected. We’ll continue with the coverage later.