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Region: Abydos

Hainesvaal wrote:1. What is your Nations Name? Hainesvaal
2. What is the current date? July 8th 2019 had to look it up
3. Is your nation in the World Assembly? I donít think
4. How long have you (the player) played NationStates? 5 days but have had other accounts
5. What other regions have you participated in? East pacific
6. What interests you most: Roleplay, Politics, or Military? Politics
7. Do you operate any other nations in Abydos? No
8. Do you agree to abide by all laws in Abydos? Yes
9. We value Honesty. Are your Answers Honest? Yes

Denied. Not a resident of Abydos and not in the WA at time of application. Application can be accepted if residency requirements are met.