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Grand National Assembly votes to move towards EuroCorp

Today the Grand National Assembly has voted in a slim majority to join the EuroCorp, the bill will now make its way to President Akşener's as she returns from the G20 summit in Osaka. Many except her to allow Turkey to join the EuroCorp joining the likes of many other of Turkey's European allies who have joined onto the project to create sense of security amongst the European Community. This also comes on the heels of further Turkish military cooperation not just in Europe but across the world. CHP Chairmen KılıÁdaroğlu has urged the President to sign the EuroCorp, while the MHP and its allies have urged against it. Most of the İYİ Party have seemingly been in favour of the bill, as is a similar stance with the İYİ's EU affiliated Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Now all eyes are on the President who is set to announce if she will or will not sign the bill into law, this is expected to be in the upcoming days.