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Chinese National News Media Broadcast
Establishing of the Xi-Duterte Friendship & Common Understanding
Sino-Luvindanao Relations Solidifed & Strengthened toward Permanence

    Prior to boarding his plane back to Beijing from Luvindanao late in the evening, President Xi Jinping and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi of The zhongguo people republic has revealed that a new era of understanding, cooperation, collaboration, and commitment toward peace and productivity has been secured between The zhongguo people republic and Luvindanao. Still with Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte, President Xi Jinping provided the following statement to the press:

l President Xi Jinping l: "The speech that I made the other day has seemingly demonstrated a consensus of agreement toward the failures of the global liberal hegemonic initiative of particular Western countries. The liberal hegemony has brought more destruction, division, and catastrophe than peace, prosperity, and productivity, especially within the Asia-Pacific region of the world. Prime Minister Duterte, his diplomatic entourage, PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and myself have come to an agreement that the time has come toward adhering to peaceful resolutions and diplomatic initiatives to craft common understandings for what is absolute necessary for supplanting the continual development of the Asia-Pacific region without as many disturbances or provocative instigation by non-Asian powers that be. Prime Minister Duterte and myself have successfully come to a reasonable conclusion to hostilities and have opted for stability through friendship. This is the greatest chance for commonality of policy in regards to regional affairs and the step in the absolute right direction between The zhongguo people republic and Luvindanao."

    When the press asked Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte about his thoughts of this new beginning of relations with Beijing, the Prime Minister had the following to declare:

l Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte of Luvindanao l: "Our two countries have been at odds for quite some time, and I had feared going into this office that we were going to continue this conflict to a point of Luvindanaos eventual downfall. I am a man of national security. Perseverance of people and state is my top priority, and is is the only thing that matters to me as the Head of Government. Our partnership with China is to harbour peace in the region, and to strengthen the prospects of mutual cooperation between all Asian countries. It is absolutely time we stop looking at China as a threat, but instead as a nation of dependance. We must embrace the millennia long relationship that our two peoples have shared. China has been trading and communicating with Luvindanaons for centuries before the Europeans arrived, we have the first China town in the world in fact, and we have had many Chinese settlements going back nearly a thousand years. But we have continuously antagonised our neighbours to the North. I believe it is time for change, and we start cooperating for a better future. There is no longer any point in fighting if we are able to work together, and provide for the security of both Luvindanaons and Chinese alike."

    When asked about the framework of this new course of friendship and development, Foreign Minister Wang Yi provided clear description of this new series of agreements between Luvindanao and the People's Republic as President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte continued their conversation on the sideline answering more questions from other journalists and taking pictures:

l Foreign Affairs Minister of The zhongguo people republic Wang Yi l: "In the course of the concluding summit between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte, a series of new agreements and understandings have been supplanted; however, there were two main components that have demonstrated a true breakthrough in diplomatic relations between the two countries as it pertains to industry development and modernization in addition to the ongoing South China Sea crisis. In regards to cooperation between Luvindanao and The zhongguo people republic, Beijing has agreed to assist Luvindanao within infrastructure development, energy development, agriculture development, and an agreement toward establishing a consensus for joint economic rights within the South China Sea. In return for China's new commitment toward the development of Luvindanao, the People's Republic has been granted the approval to construct a new joint Sino-Luvindanao military/logistical facility, of which will be located at Talabaan, Occidental Mindoro, Luvindanao, which is located on the South China Sea coast. The simple approval for the construction of this joint military facility is a strong indication of the growing trust between Manila and Beijing. The second major component of these agreements pertain to the Spratly Islands. Both the President and Prime Minister have come to the agreement and conclusion that the Spratly Islands will possess its own political entity that is co-administered by both Luvindanao and China. With this co-administration, the islands are part of neither country as a core state, but as an overseas territory that both will manage and work together toward its developments. It has been agreed upon that the new agreement will be named the Sino-Luvindanao Co-Development & Friendship Agreement. President Xi Jinping has informed Prime Minister Duterte very clearly that the artificial islands will remain in use and operational; however, they will not harbor any ill-intention toward Luvindanao, of which has been put into writing and signed by both President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte. This summit has demonstrated itself to be a true work of diplomacy and an initiative to resolve disputes and cultivate a partnership of mutual development."

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