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Новините - Информационна агенция София
30 юни 2019 г.


The Ministry of Defence has officially announced that it will pledge it's support to the European Union's EuroCorp project, promising commitment in terms of personnel and basing rights within Bulgaria. EuroCorp was strongly supported by the government of Boyko Borisov, and that support has continued now through to the new government of Andrei Vasilev. As per manifesto promises, Bulgaria will seek to increase the size and improve the proficiency of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, which have seen a decline since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Following vast improvements made to the Air Force this year, through the purchasing of ATL-99E multirole fighter aircraft, Bulgaria will be seeking to further modernise it's land and naval forces, and hope to increase recruitment drives across the nation. With the new conscription bill, a large reserve force of Bulgarian troops has developed, though there is still a considerable lack of professional troops present in the country. It is expected that the Bulgarian Armed Forces will be looking to it's neighbours and partners across Europe for help in this task.

The government has also announced that it intends to exponentially increase the nations defence budget, with hopes to aide the yearly increase of it's military force. Currently, the budget sits at 3 billion EUR, which is hoped to be increased by at least half by 2022. With a new budget, it is hoped that the Bulgarian Armed Forces will see a rejuvination period in terms of equipment, training and size.