by Max Barry

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Region: The East Pacific

Great Algerstonia wrote:The Eternal Totalitarian Dictatorial Commonwealths of Algerstonia is hereby imposing sanctions on the Constitutional Dictatorship of Peatiktist. All civilian Algerstonians are hereby banned from travelling to Peatiktist via any mode of transportation. All Peatiktistan airlines and ship companies are hereby banned until such ban is lifted. We are officially imposing a 60% tariff on all imported Peatiktistan spices, flour, sugar, car seats, and iron, and a 70% tariff on all silver, bronze, car seats, glass, and fertilizer. Algerstonia is additionally closing borders to all Peatiktistans. We will not stand for such egregious imperialism on an innocent nation. Algerstonia has long been against the menace of imperialism, and seeks to stop the unnecessary deaths of men and women who have loving families and caring friends at their home country. Algerstonia demands Peatiktist to stand down as soon as possible, otherwise escalation will be necessary and inevitable.

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