by Max Barry

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Region: Selene

Ladies and Gentlemen and all others, please welcome, your UPCOMING SECOND TERM EMPRESS!!!

(Crowd cheers)

Xemptoworth: HELLO! Hello, my wonderful nation! I am so glad to be in the breathtaking city of New Ordigräs! When I say breathtaking, I really mean it. I remember my father helping to build this city from the ground up. Now look at it... It is a Franconian hub for culture, economy, and social justice. Not to mention clean air. Because if you, you made this city powerful. But just recently, threats are becoming a main issue. A woman told me that she and her eight year old triplets are having issues sleeping at night because they do not know when the bombings can begin. I told her that she doesn’t have to worry. My next term will focus on terrorism, national security, and education with more funding for parks and recreation. Already, we have taken a landslide victory against the other two candidates. Over 85% of you say that I did a good job this term and am ready for another. I also say that.

(Crowd cheers)

Xemptoworth: I’m ready for new exploration of space. I’m ready to become a planetary leader for the undeveloped solar system, and I AM READY to give you what you deserve! More people have said that we are not going to win, but I say that they’re wrong. This is what is to come in the Empire. We are going to increase the fines for people who have guns. That gives us more revenue for taxes. We are going to give people a right to education. We are going to raise the minimum wage to 35 Astrons per hour, and we will house the homeless by building shelters in abandoned buildings. Water and air will be the cleanest on Earth by including new ways of water treatment. And we will also clean up IO!!! Ladies and gentlemen, male, female, all species around, we will win and we are doing it for Franconia. Good night!