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Region: The Federation of Anarchist Communes

News of Rebellion - Around the World

Marseille dockers refuse to load arms headed to Saudi Arabia:

Call for solidarity with the rebellious people of Sudan:

Anarchist escapes from Tyrintha prison, Greece:

Hong Kong: Anarchists in the Resistance to the Extradition Bill:

Queer rebellion worldwide:

Final Declaration of the foundation of l’Union Communiste Libertaire:

Hundreds of thousands of women on strike in Switzerland:

Thessaloniki, Greece. Three anarchists arrested during expropriation.

Haiti in Revolt: An Overview and Analysis of Six Months of Revolt:

Taking Direct Action to Stop Climate Change - Ende Gelände & Hambach Forest in Germany:

Police-dog training school set on fire:

Queer resistance to far-right, violent bigots, Hamilton USA:

... and so much more.


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