by Max Barry

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Region: Northern Utopia

New england confederacy

Soust Calica wrote:The bomber and three SC fighter jets approach New england confederacy. Once they are close enough, the first round of bombs are dropped from the bomber while each of the three SC fighters launch a missle. Each missles is designed to fit a specific target in the NEC in an effort to cause maximum damage to infrastructure.

At the same time, 4 ICMB missles are launched from the SC om target for the NEC

Lake Perseverance wrote:
Regardless, the vessel Pretekshen is on picket duty. Expect a report shortly.

Above the Exosphere

Four ICBMs streak through the thinning atmosphere, speeding towards the vast expanses of space. Higher and higher the missiles climbed, until the cold void enveloped the steel capsules. In the venomous, hateful eyes of Soust Calica, the mission was going swimmingly.

Soon, the missiles rocketed ever closer to the trajectory’s apoapsis. Unknown to Calican officials, however, there was an awaiting spacecraft: the Pretekshen. The flag of Lake Perseverance was proudly painted on one side of the vehicle. On the top side of the hill, a singular railgun, tracking the four projectiles, gleamed brightly against the Sun’s blazing rays. As the missiles drew ever closer, a whirring sound echoed throughout the spacecraft’s cabin. The whirring increased in volume, then only silence.

A missile careened off its path, shrapnel lazily floating away. A massive hole gaped from the fuselage, broken circuitry crackling and fluids leaking. The whirring started again, and again, another missile neutralized.

The hapless missiles were soon eliminated, the debris aimlessly drifting back towards the planet. The exposed material quickly burned away in re-entry, with only a couple of mangled, metal fragments crashing into the ocean. With its assignment complete, the Pretekshen zipped away from the scene homeward bound.

Praefectus, Lake Perseverance, and Jean spears