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Region: Forest

Darths and Droids wrote:Get Post-Master General, and/or make puppets to store excess cards. If you can't buy PMG, make puppets.

works for the Great Britain.

Tauride wrote:Fellow Forestians: today Tauride celebrates the 209th anniversary of the establishment of the Primera Junta de Gobierno, our first independent government after centuries of Spanish rule. To commemorate this day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a modest gift to all Forestian heads of state: a set of mate, the traditional Tauridean infusion. Across Tauride, people share mate everyday with their families and friends, passing the gourd to each other as an expression of mutual trust and affection. Please accept, then, this present as a token of goodwill:

* looks with mistrust * ... Thank you dear comrade! Let's accept this gift with great appeal, I will ask someone to put on display in our biggest pile along with the empty ones sent last week.

Jutsa wrote:That's IRL politics in a nutshell right there

I'll get the nutcracker.