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Region: New Coalition of Nations

Athretvari wrote:C++, Hello Gerdon Laughis!

Interesting name. Does it mean something in particular? I like your flag too. There could be a really cool backstory wrt the two dragons.

Thank you! It doesn't really mean anything, just some nonsense words. The little backstory is that there were the rival kingdoms of Gerdon and Laughis, always at eachother's throats and leaving the land and people fractured and divided, with Gerdon being the Cultural and Economic one, and Laughis being the Military and Technological one. Eventually, Gerdon won and conquered Laughis, but out of respect made them an equal half of the empire. It was like a "We can't live without you, I love you man" kinda moment for everyone. The Golden Dragon represents Gerdon, and the Black represents Laughis.