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Region: SHS Stole My Woman

Germanys Youth wrote:Do you even know how my mind works? No, only I do. You don't understand the process of thought that goes into each sentence or idea that I have. So before you once again go and assume something please be sure to gain all the information you can. One lesson for you to learn and this is probably the best one for you... Don't Assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME.

I've talked to you. I've read you. Trust me when I say I can understand to a degree what you think. No offense, but you aren't hard to "read" after knowing you for just a year I can tell what would make you mad, upset, etc before it actually happing (you know about it) I can tell what I am saying is frustrating you. And when you get frustrated you attack a person's character which I've experienced multiple times. I also know how you don't like being proven wrong because you don't want to seem "weak" in any sense, but I dont think you understand that being wrong once in a while doesn't make you weak. I'm sorry but I know for a fact that's how you are. I've bitten my tongue to keep peace with you. but this is just how you are. You're a smart person that doesn't want to seem weak and wants to have "More power" then others.