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Region: New Coalition of Nations

Athretvari wrote:I started a little side story, but have been slow to finish it. And have been thinking of sparking up a little “regional conference” to see if I can kick anyone away from their summer vacations. (We need some regional treaties written and it might be good fuel to light a few sparks negotiating the terms. :)

That being said. Nedea! The Government of Athretvari wishes to inform your government and the other governments of the great nationstates of the New Coalition of Nations that Athretvari officially rejects and renounces the terms and conditions placed upon its civilization’s existence on Enkon by the now defunct Phanon Corporation. Our government wishes to hold negotiations for the drafting of an international treaty defining the rights and privileges of nationstates upon Enkon, and to establish a Regional Cooperation and Development Organization.

Are you talking about actual rp rules or stuff in rp? Also, I dont think phanon put any rules out. They lit a beacon to have people colonize. You are a "native" so you would supercede phanon anyway. And I agree, phankn is kinda defunct.