by Max Barry

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Region: Lazarus

More heart fluttery action in Piggy Cliff!

In the slightly over two weeks since Augustus' birth, his Portly Parents have been reminded almost daily about being careful about accidentally making more children, given that Mrs. Tubbius, thanks to Her own Tubbius Magic, is a living paradox of always ready to nurse Her eternal babies and always ready to conceive and carry more. Of course, neither of the Royal Rotundities took the doctor very seriously, thinking They still had some time to go before They could make more little lives.

During a commercial break for Tubby Guards, a form of bladder control underwear aimed at elderly adults, and between huffy wheezes brought on by this poorly timed sympathetic laboring, Mrs. Tubbius HRM hrms that, as of an especially active night of the fifteenth, there are now more little lives starting to form within Her.

When a decidedly pale-faced Obesity mmphs the question of how many, His Bountiful Beloved merely chuckles, rubs Her belly, and repeats a single, emphatic word with a HRM: MORE.

From the television screen, vampire Baron Von Tubb in TubBlood, played by Tubbius, gives a hearty, mmphing laugh.

Guiness Freaks and Loftegen 2