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Region: The Independent States of Akrieus

Haederil wrote:I just surpassed Artaeia in country economy value. His is 172 Trillion and mine is 179 Trillion. Finally, it is finished.

Only cuz youíre so devoted to this game. Jack ainít finished my boy. So i shall make this address. To the scum of Haederil, You have gained your economic power through immoral means. Slavery and child labor is immoral, and itís how youíve surpassed us. You may have a higher economic output, but the nations of Akrieus wonít respect you in the same manner they do Artaeia. Also, your people are impoverished and hopeless, while our citizens enjoy cozy and happy, pampered lives. Just today we became 10% most developed countries in the world, and our civil rights are still climbing. Economic power means nothing if itís all a country has. Your pompous rich elite celebrate this victory as your massive cities wallow in despair. The Haughtis and surosians are enslaved in workcamps and you hardly made a difference to quell zigrmitaís expansionist efforts. In fact, for the longest time, you actually sold slaves to zigrmita and you two actually had a good relationship until Entrox told you to back off. Thereís a solid reason why entrox is back as my puppet and not yours, and why as soon as an empire threatens them, they come to me, because they fear you will take advantage of them, conquer them, and put them in the same camps you keep the haughtis ans Surosians. My dearest haederil, you may have 4 trillion dollars more than us, but if a war broke out between us, you would stand alone, as others would cower in fear of expanding the empire you have built on the broken and battered backs of the minorities you so happily oppress.

-President of Artaeia